On Saturday, January 24, thirty plus members and guests ventured out to attend the annual business meeting of The Colorado Carousel Society.  This year we were very fortunate to have our facilities provided by Dave and Audrey Marquardt.  Their Red Roof Barn in Erie, which houses Dave’s carousel figure carving studio, was the perfect setting for our group.

A delicious catered lunch buffet started off the festivities, followed by a brief business meeting.  Outgoing President, Betty Hull, presented an alternative to the election of officers this year.   A questionnaire recently submitted to the members indicated that most were in favor of a steering committee to oversee the operations and events of the club.  In order to accomplish this, a vote to amend the by-laws was held and the motion passed unanimously.  Nominations for members of the new Steering Committee were submitted, voted upon, and passed.  Elected members were Jan Hardy, Billie Noren, Audrey Marquardt, Donna Bowlin, and Carol Kirwin. Gina Quackenbush and Jean Martell will continue as Membership Co-chairs.   Dennis Towndrow volunteered to be our Public Relations person, and will maintain the website he has developed for the CCS.  The Steering Committee, at their first meeting February 7, will determine in which areas each member will serve.

Scott Harrison of Nederland, who over the past ten years has carved a whole carousel of thirty three figures for a 1920 Looff frame, spoke to us about his project and his desire to find a home for the carousel now that it has neared completion.  He also brought along some of the figures which he had carved.  Scott requested our society’s assistance in helping him market the carousel, and all agreed it would be a worthy undertaking.

The final event of the day was our much anticipated auction fundraiser, led by the team of Jim and Betty Hull.  Many delightful carousel-related treasures passed into the hands of our members, thanks to the ‘salesmanship’ of auctioneer, Jim.  Altogether, we raised $740 to be used for projects in the coming year.

So to recap the days events, you could say we:
watched, and
Bought cool stuff,
and paid for it.
Then visited some more.

Our thanks to all who made this meeting a special social event, especially the Marquardts, Scott, and the Hulls! 

Submitted by Carol Kirwin and Dennis Towndrow