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Black & White

Black & White
Carousel rocking horse Ken Means made for his
daughters 30 years ago.

Black & White
100 year old carving tools are on display in front of the blue print for the entire carousel.

Black & White
The pattern for "Prancer" the 'works-in-progress' horse
show the process of building the carousel horse.

The Unicorn and Harvey

and Puff The Magic Dragon. The chariot's bench
seat can be removed to accommodate carousel riders
in wheelchairs.

Rochelle keep an eye on her son Billy while the regal Leo
holds court with his portrait.

Christmas Deer has real Caribou antlers, while Donkey is
adorned with hibiscus flowers. The painted panels,
original oils paintings by Ken Means, are created to hide
the equipment used to turn the carousel.

The gallery walls have original drawings and sketches of
many of the carousel animals by Ken Means.

Punch, the goat, Fang the wolf, and Arvack,
Prince Valliant's horse.


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